How to Ensure Your Wedding DJ Stays On-Track and On-Time

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How to Ensure Your Wedding DJ Stays On-Track and On-Time

When preparing for a wedding, it’s no secret that the music is one of the most important features in creating a unique and unforgettable experience for both the bride and groom and their guests.From the powerful entrance of the bride to the romantic slow dance, music often sets the tone and mood of each moment—making it truly unforgettable.

While there’s no doubting the importance of music at the wedding, what’s even more important is the wedding dj who will be in charge of that experience. A DJ’s experience and skill are often the deciding factors for how the evening’s music plays out and how successful it is.

When you hire a DJ for your wedding, here are some tips to help ensure that your DJ stays on-track and on-time during your special day:

1. Prepare a Timeline Together

Before the wedding, sit down with the wedding dj and discuss exactly what the evening will entail. Talk about the time of the event, when guests will arrive, the timeline for introductions, father-daughter dance, the cake cutting, toasts and the final song of the evening.

If the wedding requires any specialty moments, such as a group dance, be sure to discuss exactly when it should take place, who is leading it and how it should be announced to the guests.The more information you provide, the more prepared the DJ is going to be on the day of your wedding, meaning that they will be able to plan the rest of the music to suit the special moments, taking into account transitions and special requests.

2. Select the Right Music

Whether you want classical, pop, jazz or something more unique, selecting the right music is essential. When selecting the music for your wedding, provide a creative playlist that has a range of slow and upbeat music, so you and your guests are kept entertained for the entire evening.

Another important factor when selecting is to use the music that correctly represents your day’s mood and the overall theme. For example, a beach wedding may require tunes of the Carribbean, or a rustic barn wedding may have an acoustic vibe. Choose songs that will highlight the unique aspects of each element of your special day.

3. Have Enough Music

Along with choosing the right music, make sure you book a DJ who either has, or will be able to produce enough styles of music and genres to meet the capacity of your number of guests. For weddings with larger crowds, a wider variety of music is likely to hold the attention of the crowd and make it a fun and enjoyable event. So choose a DJ that has plenty of options and can provide the right variety of themes, styles, and genres for your special day.

4. Have an Open Conversation with Your DJ

Don’t forget to educate your wedding DJ on what you and your spouse-to-be have planned for the special day. With some couples, it’s best to leave the music up to the DJ, giving them the freedom to take the guests on a music journey. For others, it’s better to go into detail, giving the DJ a solid run-through of what the couple has requested for their special day.

You may also have some foreknowledge that a certain uncle is not a fan of ballads and your new mother-in-law loves country music. Take the time to share this information with your DJ and give them tips on the types of songs they’ll be playing next.

5. Book Them Early

Finally, one of the most important tips when booking a wedding DJ is to book early. Starting the process six months ahead of your wedding date is ideal, although if it is a summer wedding then you may even want to start your search earlier. This will give you plenty of time to meet with the DJ and make sure they are a professional and passionate match for your special day.


From arriving on-time and well-prepared to playing the perfect combination of music for the wedding of your dreams, having the right DJ is only possible when you have done the necessary research.

When selecting the right DJ for your wedding, it’s important to set out a timeline and communicate exactly what your needs are. With patience, attention to detail and a creative ear, (serving Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington & Guelph, 416-477-2829 or is ready and equipped to help ensure your wedding is a grand affair.


Q. How Often Should I Meet With My Wedding DJ?

It is important to meet with your wedding DJ at least once prior to the wedding. This will help to ensure that both of you have a clear understanding of the event timeline and any special requests.

Q. Can I Show My Wedding DJ A Song List On The Day Of The Event?

Show your wedding DJ music selections well ahead of the day of the wedding. Make sure to provide them with tips on the types of music to be played, so that they can prepare accordingly.

Q. What Types Of Music Will I Need For My Wedding?

For weddings, it’s essential to choose the right music that suits the event’s mood and theme. Providing your DJ with a creative playlist that has a range of slow and upbeat music will ensure that your guests are entertained for the entire evening.

Q. What If I Don’t Like The Music That The DJ Is Playing?

If you don’t like the music that the DJ is playing at any point, you can simply speak to the DJ to explain your thoughts and expresses your wishes.

Q. Will My Wedding DJ Set The Correct Amount Of Volume?

Your wedding DJ should always inquire about the venue’s noise regulations to determine the permissible sound level. But if the volume is deemed too low or too high, simply ask your DJ to adjust it accordingly.

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