The Benefits of a DJ with a Great Voice

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The Benefits of a DJ with a Great Voice

The Benefits of a DJ with a Great Voice

Weddings are special occasions which are intended to be a time of joy, celebration, and love. An integral part of any wedding is the choice of entertainment. And when it comes to choosing someone to ensure the guest are entertained throughout the night, often the most appropriate choice is booking a professional disc jockey.

Having a great DJ who knows how to read a crowd, is well-versed in music, and most importantly, has a great voice, can add the perfect atmosphere to your wedding. Not only will they be able to play a set that keeps the dancefloor bouncing, but they’ll also be able to manage the reception’s running order and create an environment that allows you to relax and truly enjoy the special day.

The Advantages of Hiring an Experienced DJ

When planning your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. This can include selecting a great disc jockey who can create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. While there are several options available, one of the best decisions you can make is to hire an experienced and skilled DJ, like those from

For an experienced DJ, mixing and selecting songs is second nature to them. They know the right choice at the right time, and will draw a better response from the crowd. The DJ also knows the type of music to play following the wedding ceremony, when the guests have arrived, during the celebratory meal, and during the more exuberant dance floor moments.

An experienced and well-respected DJ can also be beneficial, as they will already have great reviews with other clients and will be more than happy to provide references.

Using a Vocal DJ

When choosing an experienced DJ, you should consider their vocal presence. While many people enjoy just a standard DJ who will play music and work in tune with the crowd, there is a growing interest in vocal DJs. For couples planning something particularly special, a vocal DJ can provide the right atmosphere and help to create a unique and completely memorable wedding spectacle.

Vocal DJs combine their DJ skills with captivating vocals and a mastered stage presence. They throw out popular phrases in between songs to keep the crowd engaged and attracted to the beats and also provide a unique atmosphere to mark the occasion.

Mixing Genres

A great DJ will know how to mix different genres and styles of music together. They will know what tunes work together and when to perform certain mixes and transitions, allowing for a seamless, smooth, and perfectly crafted set.

By mixing genres such as Electro Swing with Funk, Drum & Bass and House, a highly experienced vocal DJ carries enough music and knowledge to keep everyone entertained from beginning to end. Any experienced DJ worth their salt should be able to cover different genres and accommodate for both younger and older generations. This is why it is important to select an experienced DJ with a flexible playlist.

A Fun and Engaging Atmosphere

The atmosphere at a wedding is a crucial factor in ensuring it is a success. The right music, vocal presence and mixing of genres should be combined in order to create an atmosphere which will engage both guests and ensure they have an enjoyable time.

Vocal DJs can help create a fun, unique atmosphere as they will speak to the crowd throughout the evening and also interact with the guests. This makes the atmosphere more interesting and exciting, as the guests can sing along and truly get involved in the music.

Creating the Perfect Playlist

When booking a wedding DJ, it’s important to make sure that both the couple’s taste and their guests’ tastes are taken into consideration. A great DJ should ask their clients lots of questions about the kind of music they want to hear. They should be open to requests throughout the musical journey and be knowledgeable about modern hits as well as classics.

A professional DJ should also be willing to take suggestions for music and delve into special requests should the bride and groom want certain songs played. An experienced DJ will be able to put all these factors together to create the perfect playlist.

Managing the Reception Running Order

The running order of your wedding is important because it keeps the entire event on track. Having a great DJ present will ensure everything runs smoothly and according to plan. For example, they will initiate the Grand Entrance, enable the bride and groom to cut the cake in good time, allow speeches and toasts to begin on time, and get the party started sooner.

A great DJ will also be able to juggle different requests from guests and manage the flow of the reception. This is important as guests may wish to leave early or may want an extra song. A great DJ should be able to handle these issues in a professional and accommodating manner.

Creating Memories

When you hire an experienced and talented DJ for your wedding, you can be confident that the music will leave long-lasting memories on your guests. A talented DJ can create a playlist that not only serves as a soundtrack for your wedding but also as a reminder you will carry with you for years to come.


When looking for the perfect DJ for your wedding, hiring someone experienced and talented is essential. An experienced DJ will have the skills to mix different genres of music, create an engaging atmosphere and manage the running order of your reception. is an experienced, professional, and well-respected presentation of wedding DJs who can create unique and captivating atmospheres. Contact us at 416-477-2829 or for more information about any of our services.


Q: How much does it cost to hire an experienced DJ?

A: The cost of hiring an experienced wedding DJ will vary according to experience, how long the DJ is required for, and any extra features, such as a vocalist. Contact us at 416-477-2829 or for more information about our services and pricing.

Q: What should I look for when hiring a DJ?

A: When hiring a DJ, you should make sure they have a large variety of music, have a great vocal presence, have good reviews and references, and are able to create an atmosphere where everybody is engaged and enjoying the night. offers experienced DJs with all these qualities.

Q: How many songs can a great DJ mix together?

A: The number of songs that a great DJ can mix together depends on the experience and skills of the DJ. provides experienced DJs who will be able to provide seamless transitions between different types of music, from different genres and eras.

Q: How far in advance should I book a DJ?

A: In order to ensure you can book the DJ of your choice, it is a good idea to book them well in advance. Many DJs will often be booked up several months in advance, so you should make sure you book your desired DJ as soon as possible.

Q: Can I make special requests on the night?

A: Of course! have experienced DJs who will be able to accommodate special requests throughout the event. They will also be able to read and adapt to the mood of the crowd in order to play the right music at the right time.

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