5 Tips for Dressing Up a Simple Wedding Reception

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5 Tips for Dressing Up a Simple Wedding Reception

Up Your Game: 5 Tips for Elevating a Simple Wedding Reception with Your DJ

Wedding receptions are the most important part of any Wedding ceremony. Every couple wants their special day to be memorable and enjoyable for themselves and their guests. But what if you are on a budget and can’t afford an extravagant Wedding reception? Well, don’t worry! With a little creativity, you can transform even the most simple Wedding reception into a grand affair.

One of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a Wedding reception is the music. Your guests will spend most of their time on the dance floor, so having a great DJ is essential. If you are hosting your Wedding reception in Guelph, you can hire EliteDJ.ca, which provides exceptional DJ services, to make your Wedding reception unforgettable.

In this article, we will provide five tips for dressing up a simple Wedding reception with the right music and a skilled DJ.

1. Create a Playlist

A DJ can only know your music preference if you discuss it with them beforehand. You can share with them a list of your favorite songs and any songs that you want to avoid playing. You can also ask the DJ to play a mix of different genres to cater to all age groups. This will not only add variety to your song list but will also allow everyone to participate and have fun.

2. Lighting and Ambience

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a party atmosphere. It can transform even the most basic venue into a mesmerizing space. Consider adding some LED lights to complement the DJ‘s musical tempo. Colored uplighting, string lighting, and moving head lights are some of the types of lighting that can effectively change the ambience of the room. EliteDJ.ca provides lighting rental services for Weddings that can take your Wedding reception to the next level.

3. Time Management

It is important to work with your DJ when deciding on the timeline for the night. This will help them determine when to cue up certain songs, making sure that they fit well with the proceedings of the night. When creating your schedule, make sure to include the timing of the speeches, the first dance, and all other essential events of the evening.

4. Microphone Check

Good quality sound is critical for a memorable event. You want to make sure that everyone can hear the music and speeches without any issues. Before the Wedding reception starts, make sure that the DJ does a sound check, ensuring that the microphone and sound system are in proper working condition.

5. Personalize the Experience

Your Wedding reception, your rules! Personalize your playlist with songs that have special meaning to you and your spouse. You can also ask the DJ to make special shoutouts to your friends and family, playing songs that they request. Personalizing the experience can make your Wedding reception memorable not just for you, but for your guests as well.


Your Wedding reception should be a time to celebrate and enjoy with your friends and family. By following the above tips, you can make your simple Wedding reception appear grand and unforgettable. Remember, a great Wedding reception is all about the music, ambience, and personalization.


1. What kind of music do the DJs at EliteDJ.ca play?

EliteDJ.ca has a vast range of music genres to cater to everyone’s taste. You can request the music that you wish to be played, from pop to classic rock, and more.

2. How many DJs are required for a Wedding reception?

Usually, one DJ is enough for a medium-sized Wedding reception.

3. Can I choose the lighting for my Wedding reception?

Yes, EliteDJ.ca provides a variety of lighting options for your Wedding reception, including uplighting, string lighting, and moving head lights.

4. Can I request a particular DJ for my Wedding reception?

Yes, you can request a specific DJ from EliteDJ.ca if they are available for your Wedding date.

5. How early should I hire a DJ for my Wedding reception?

We recommend hiring a DJ at least 3 to 4 months before your Wedding date. This will give ample time for both parties to discuss the playlist, timeline, and other necessary details.

Key Takeaways

– Creating a playlist is an essential factor for a successful Wedding reception.
– Lighting plays a crucial part in creating a party atmosphere.
– Time management is critical for ensuring that everything runs on schedule.
– Sound quality is vital for a memorable event.
– Personalizing the experience can make your Wedding reception memorable for everyone.

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