Roaming Social Photography Service

Social Photographers

You can hire one of our social photographers to stroll throughout your ballroom, arena, festival, or city and capture photos of guests wherever they happen to be. No need for them to track down the photo booth or kiosk. Once the photo is taken guests can instantly share their photo online or receive it via email/text to their mobile device. Every photo is also branded and designed to create a souvenir of the experience for the guest ensuring they keep it around their various social media galleries forever.

What is a Roaming Photographer

Roaming Photography works by hiring a professional photographer for your event to take candid and spontaneous shots of guests socializing and having fun. Traditional event photographers can do this but at Wacky Shots, we do so much more by providing great value to our clients. We provide instant gratification to your guests by providing them printed copies of their photos instantly and on-site.

In addition to printing branded photos, we also provide high resolution images to your guests for free using our password-protected gallery. We can also provide social media data and collect email sign-ups on behalf of your company so they can use for their mailing list and newsletter publications.


No more long photo booth line up: We take the photos while your guests are socializing and having fun. We don’t interrupt your guests by telling them to line up to the photo booth for several minutes.

Instant gift and advertising for your guests: You should witness the wow and look in your guests’ faces when every time we hand the photos to them! They are amazed that the photos are printed right way and they can being them home as a keepsake from a great event.

Instant and free marketing: Guests love to post their to social media after then event specially when the photos are taken professionally. Some guests use these are their profiles photos in Linkedin, Facebook and other networking sites. With your company name attached to the photo, you get free marketing and exposure.