5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding DJ

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5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding DJ

Unlock the Secrets of Choosing the Perfect Wedding DJ with These 5 Tips

Choosing the perfect Wedding DJ is a decision that every couple should take just as seriously as planning their big day. Whether you are planning a big celebration or an intimate gathering, selecting the right person to oversee your musical celebration is an important piece of the puzzle. Your Wedding is a one-of-a-kind event that deserves a one-of-a-kind DJ. To ensure that the tone you set for your Wedding reception is the right one, here are five tips to help guide your decision.

1. Look at their Portfolio and Reviews
A Wedding DJs portfolio and reviews should be your first stop when considering a DJ for your big day. Most experienced Wedding DJs will have a portfolio of previous work and reviews to provide you with an understanding of their style and how they’re perceived by their past clients. Sifting through reviews and portfolios also allows you to get a better idea of the kind of music they usually play, so you can ensure their style is a match for your own.

2. Select a Wedding DJ that Specializes in Weddings
When shopping for your DJ, you’ll likely stumble across DJs that specialize in Weddings. Be sure to include these in your search, as these DJs have the expertise and knowledge to set the perfect, romantic ambiance for all to enjoy. They’re also more likely to understand the back-end protocol for all the special moments of your Wedding, from the bouquet toss to the Father-Daughter dance.

3. Check their Equipment
Reliable and professional DJ’s will always come with their own top-of-the-line equipment. Make sure to look at the kind of audio and visual equipment they’re using, and to make sure the set up is compatible with the size of the venue and the amount of guests attending. A good Wedding DJ will possess the necessary equipment and varying set-ups to fit the theme and size of the party, no matter where it takes place.

4. Request a Meeting or Video Call
Don’t be afraid to ask your prospect DJ to meet you, either in person or virtually. This meeting is where your DJ will review your needs, envisioned plan, and musical taste. Ask the DJ to prepare for the meeting by presenting some potential music selections for you to discuss, then continue the conversation with your own questions and expectations. Ultimately, you need to hire a DJ that understands not only what you want but also understands the crowd made up of all your family and friends.

5. Get a Potential Contract Ahead of Time
Before committing to any contract, make sure to get a clear outline of the DJs’ services. This type of outline should include the length of the set, the type of equipment included, the requested fee, and the payment style, date and amount options. Furthermore, ask if you will be able to work with the DJ on the routine and music selection prior the the reception and make sure to add a clause that addresses cancellation policy.

Choosing a Wedding DJ is no easy feat, but taking the time to compare portfolios and set up virtual or in-person meet-and-greets is key to getting the best fit for your Wedding day. Review each DJ and their services thoroughly and make sure to select a DJ that understands your vision, enjoys the same music you do, and is compatible with both the venue and the budget. A dependable, talented DJ will make your big day even more memorable.

Q: How Do I Find a Wedding DJ?
A: There are several ways to find a Wedding DJ, including reviews and referrals from friends, colleagues, and family. Other ways to find potential DJ’s include researching online via websites like Craigslist and Wedding vendor directory, attending bridal expos, or asking for referrals from your Wedding planner or photographer.

Q: What Should I Look for in a Wedding DJ?
A: When looking for a Wedding DJ, consider their experience and portfolio as well as their level of interaction with you and your guests, such as playing games to keep the crowd engaged or employing improvisations during the night. Check their musical genre expertise and equipment to make sure it is on par with the theme and size of your Wedding.

Q: How Much Does a DJ Cost?
A: The cost of a Wedding DJ may vary greatly depending on the location and type of services involved. Generally, most couples spend an average of between $1,200 and $2,000 for an amazing  night of entertainment. It’s always best to ask your prospective DJ—or a professional booking agency—for an exact quotation.

Q:Should I Bring My Own Music?
A:Most DJs will take requests on the fly, but it may be wise to provide the DJ with a list of up to 25 of your favorites prior to the Wedding. However, it’s in your best interest to leave most of the decision-making to your experienced DJ. They’re the professionals when it comes to keeping the dance floor hopping!

Q:Do I need Special Permits or Documentation?
A:It’s always a good idea to check with your local area regulations. Some venues may require a permit that allows amplified music and may also require proof of liability insurance. An experienced Wedding DJ like EliteDJ.ca should already have permits in order, as well as insurance coverage.

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