The Top Wedding DJ Trends for 2021

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The Top Wedding DJ Trends for 2021


The Top Wedding DJ Trends for 2021

Expect nothing less than extraordinary when it comes to weddings this year! 2021 has brought us plenty of brilliant trends concerning wedding DJs and entertainment. A wedding DJ can make or break your big day, so this is something that needs to be taken seriously! When considering a wedding DJ for your big day, often times, couples are drawn to styles that are modern, unique, and full of entertainment. There have been many changes since the year began and now, more than ever, couples are looking for creative ways to entertain their guests on their special day.

From elegant outdoor receptions to nonstop socialization, here are some of the top wedding DJ trends for 2021.

Uplighting and Lighting Design

Uplighting has become one of the most sought-after wedding DJ trends this year. Couples are looking for ways to make their special day even more magical, and uplighting can do just that! Uplighting brings a stunning visual element to your wedding, not only to the room, but to the entire atmosphere of your special day. Uplighting creates a rich and glowing ambiance that creates beautiful illuminated design patterns on your ceiling and walls. Additionally, lighting can serve as a creative way to show off your theme or color scheme and personalize your venue.

Unique Dancefloor Experiences

Bringing a unique and memorable experience to the dance floor is one of the key elements to having a successful wedding reception. Creative lighting, unique props and lounge furniture, along with fun DJ choices can turn a dancefloor experience into a full-blown rave. Having a DJ who knows the latest wedding trends and provides creative ideas is important when looking for a unique dancefloor experience.

Outdoor Reception

Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular in 2021, each more magical than the last! Experiencing the great outdoors can serve as a beautiful backdrop for your perfect wedding. When having an outdoor wedding, often times, DJs can set up their sound system outside, creating an unforgettable and elegant night for you and your guests.

Interactive Video and Karaoke

Live video and karaoke can add a late-night fun filled element to your party. 2021 wedding trends for late night entertainment are top-notch when it comes to incorporating live video and karaoke. Having a DJ with a state-of-the-art video player and karaoke system can provide your guests with a unique and interactive experience.

Professional Photo booths

A classic must-have for any wedding reception, photo booths are an absolute must! Offering a fun and creative way to capture your wedding day, photo booths allow your guests to make lasting memories. EliteDJ offers open-air photo booths with top-notch lighting, props and other fun goodies to help you and your guests create lasting memories well after your big day.

Crowd Involvement

When it comes to wedding receptions, DJs are crucial when it comes to involving your guests! From playing interactive games to creating an interactive karaoke setup, professional DJs are more important than ever when it comes to crowd involvement. EliteDJ specializes in interactive entertainment and can cater to any event size to help keep your guests entertained and involved. Lasting well into the wee hours of the morning, crowd involvement activities are sure to keep your guests pumped and excited even into the night.

State of the Art Sound and Technology

When it comes to a successful wedding reception, having a reliable DJ with the latest technology is the key. Having a top of the line sound system and DJ setup provides a consistent and enjoyable experience from start to finish. EliteDJ offers top of the line DJ equipment that is perfect for any type of wedding reception and entertainment.

Customization of Music

Customization of music is a key component to any successful wedding event. Customizing music for your special day can be a great way for you and your guests to mingle and get to know each other. With professional DJs being able to choose the right tracks for your special day, you can rest assured knowing your guests will be in the mood to have a great time!


In conclusion, having an experienced and professional wedding DJ is one of the best ways to make sure your big day is one-of-a-kind. From unique dancing experiences to outdoor receptions and customizing music, there are many ways to keep your guests entertained and involved this year. Make sure to choose a wedding DJ with the latest technology and creative ideas so your special day will be as magical as possible. EliteDJ are the exciting choice for your special day. With state of the art sound and lighting equipment, professional vibes, and an experienced DJ, EliteDJ is the perfect choice for your wedding!


What Makes an EliteDJ Different from Other Wedding DJs?

EliteDJs specializes in interactive entertainment for weddings. With top of the line sound and lighting equipment, experienced DJs, and personalized customization, EliteDJs can help you create the perfect event that your guests will remember for years to come.

Do EliteDJs Provide Photo Booth Rentals?

Yes! At EliteDJ, we offer open-air photo booth rentals complete with top-notch lighting, props, and other fun goodies so you can capture those special moments on your special day.

What Are the Benefits of Uplighting for Weddings?

Uplighting is a great way to create a magical atmosphere for your wedding day. Uplighting can transform a room, adding a stunning effect and bringing illumination to your ceiling and walls. Uplighting is a cost-efficient way to enhance the look of your wedding while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Can EliteDJ Help with Customizing Music?

Yes! At EliteDJ, we specialize in creating unique and custom playlists that cater to your unique music taste. We work closely with you to create a timeline of music and other activities to ensure everyone is having the best time possible.

What Other Services Does EliteDJ Provide?

At EliteDJ, we provide a wide range of services and entertainment solutions for weddings. We provide innovative DJ services, interactive dancefloor experiences, professional photo booths, lighting design, and much more. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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